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Workshop Team Mayhem Recap

Aggiornamento: 10 mag 2023

With the start of the new year, we look back at some highlights of 2022 at CrossFit Aroma with fond memories. After the struggling period of Covid-19, our box has had the fortune to host some amazing events this past year.

One event in particular that stands out was the opportunity to host the Workshop Team Mayhem where Italian athletes could interact as well as workout along with the infamous Rich Froning, led and coached by Facundo Etchecolaz. We were also honored to work along with other members of the Mayhem Team like Rory Mckernan, Baylee Rayl, Tyler Christophel and Paige Powers.

The workshop consisted of multiple WODs covering a large portion of CrossFit movements and fundamentals. In between each WOD athletes could take a break and discuss with the team technique for competitions as well as methods to achieve their best performance during daily workouts.

Here you can find some highlights and fotos.

Thank you to all of Team Mayhem for allowing us to host the workshop, thank you to Francesco Giardina for making this happen, and thank you to all the athletes who participated!

Hope to see you all soon with more amazing events to come in 2023.

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